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Investors, sellers and brokers may seem like a strange combination but each should be concerned with the same fundamental question; will Meridian Properties perform?

Meridian Properties takes a definitive “under promise and over deliver” approach with its equity partners.  We set the bar extremely high when evaluating potential projects and our underwriting typically lands somewhere between conservative and too conservative.  While past performance is no guarantee of future results, it’s still a pretty good place to start.  We’ve always exceeded expectations, have never lost money on a project and are proud to provide our complete track record upon request. 

One of our more recent development projects was a battle against Murphy’s Law writ large.  We assembled land with the intention of developing a high-density mixed-use project and by way of bad timing found ourselves in an economy that was falling apart.  We literally finished our construction loan package on the same day that Lehman Brother’s filed for bankruptcy and AIG asked for a $90 billion bailout from the government. One of our anchor tenants, representing a third of the property’s income, was taken over by the FDIC shortly after we started construction and our lease was terminated. We adapted to the challenges and managed to finish the project with more money than we had when we started.  Doing so took creativity, attention to detail and shear perseverance.

We’re continuously amazed by the number of “buyers” that open escrow but don’t close.  Why someone would pursue a property they don’t have the means to acquire is a mystery.  Around here we don’t need to practice buying real estate.  Like most people in this industry we make our living by the square foot as opposed to the hour and have no intention of wasting your time or ours on a deal that doesn’t close.

We understand that you make a living by closing sales and getting leases signed.  We do the same.  While we may be on different sides of the negotiating table, we share the common goal of "getting it done."  We'll work openly, tirelessly and with the highest level of professionalism to find common ground on any given transaction.

If you're representing us then you most likely brought us a potential deal.  We recognize that you probably only have one chance to take advantage of the opportunity and appreciate your confidence.  We'll tell you quickly whether or not it's something that works for us and we'll be happy to have you invest with us on the ownership side if we pursue the project.