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When we hire a consultant, general contractor or any other team member we tell them to "spend our money like it's their own and make our problems go away".  We make sure we do the same thing when working on someone else's behalf.

Although it's not our only line of work, we enjoy the consulting, brokerage and fee based assignments that we accept.  The majority of our consulting falls into the category of advising prospective equity investors, buyer representation or development management.  Whatever your need is we'll handle your assignment exactly the same way we would handle our own; including finding attractive investments, market analysis, underwriting, due diligence, evaluating loan options, overseeing design, obtaining entitlements or managing construction.  Anything that falls within the realm of real estate investing and development is something we'll have done many times and would be happy to discuss doing on your behalf.

Since we don't spend any time trying to justify exorbitant fees with extravagant or unnecessary work product, we can handle your assignment in an extremely cost effective manner.  Anything we may lack in "sizzle" we more than make up for with "steak".

Please contact us to discuss your needs and hear how we may be able to accommodate you.