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Meridian Properties is much better at real estate acquisitions and development than creating elaborate websites.  We don’t go out of our way to direct people here, which means you probably just met us, or will be meeting us soon, and you’re deciding whether you should do business with us.  We hope you’ll decide that you should and can assure you that whatever we said, (or say) it’s something we believe to be completely true. 


If you’re an investor and we showed you an expected return of 20% it means we fully believe we’ll do better than 20%.  If you’re a property owner and we said we could close in 21 days then we can.  If you’re someone with a deal to bring us you’ll be protected and can be part of the ownership.  If you’re hiring us to act on your behalf we’ll treat your money, or your project, as though it were our own.


We feel obligated to provide some of the more traditional information on this site as well, so here you go:


Meridian Properties is an opportunistic commercial real estate acquisition and development company headquartered in Carlsbad, California.  We’ve been active in San Diego County and elsewhere in the western United States since 2003.  Our Southern California operations were originally an expansion of Minneapolis based TOLD Development Company (, where Mike Kalscheur, the founder of Meridian Properties, is proud to have been a Principal for many years.


Our Mission Statement is “to embody the highest standard of excellence in real estate investing and development through effort, creativity, attention to detail and the integrity necessary to insure long-term success.”


We’ve conducted business with a countless number of great people over the years and invite you to contact any of them as a reference for our company.